The Importance of Nail Salon Sanitation

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As many people know, sanitation is a very important element in your manicure. Unfortunately, not all nail salons comply with standard safety requirements--and some customers can be unaware of it. Although all states have different safety requirements, here are some basic things you should look out for the next time you head to the nail salon.

  1. Make sure that all single-use tools are thrown away after each client: Items such as nail files, buffers, sponges and other single-use tools should not be used on multiple clients, so make sure that your salon does not use the same tools on you or other people. Tip: you can tell whether or not single-use files or buffers are new based off of the markings on them. If there are white streaks or markings, it is an indication that it was previously used on another client. 
  2. Multi-use tools should be properly sanitized after each client: Multi-use tools, which are mainly metal tools like cuticle trimmer or nail clippers, must be properly sanitized after each client. When they are not in use, they should be properly stored in an enclosed container. 
  3. All spa pedicure containers need to be thoroughly cleaned after each use: Each client should be using a clean pedicure container to soak their feet in. It is best if your salon uses disposable liners to ensure sanitation. If your salon uses pedicure tubs with jets, the jets also need to be cleaned.
  4. Similar to multi-use tools, towels and cloths should not be reused after each client: Towels and other cloths should be washed after each use. Salons should not use them on several clientseven if the whole towel or cloth is not completely used. 

It can be dangerous for your health if you go to a salon that does not follow your state’s salon safety regulations. If the salon is not clean, cross contamination can occur and you might get infected by dirty tools. So the next time you get your nails done, make sure that your salon follows your state’s standard safety rules.

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