Basics of Nail Stickers

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How do I apply nail stickers?

To properly apply our nail stickers, first make sure that the nail is completely dry and clean. Next, take a pair of tweezers to lift the nail sticker from the sheet and position it onto the nail. Firmly press on the sticker or tap on it until it is laying flat on the nail. Make sure that the sticker does not have any lifted corners and is properly applied on the nail. We recommend applying a top coat of nail polish to ensure the longevity of the sticker. 

How do I remove nail stickers?

To properly remove our nail stickers, we recommend soaking a cotton ball in nail polish remover for a few seconds. This should remove any top coat of nail polish and loosen the sticker’s adhesive. Next, take a wood stick or cuticle pusher to gently scrape off the nail sticker. Clean the rest of your nail normally. 

How long do the nail stickers last?

With proper application and care, our nail stickers should last about 1-2 weeks on the nail. The amount of time varies, as there are many factors that can affect it, such as if you tend to wash your hands more often, apply or do not a top coat, and the type of nail service you have (regular polish, gel, etc.). We always recommend coating the nail sticker with a top coat after application to ensure its longevity. 

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