Host a Teen Nail Party


Teenage Spa Party

Some of the best parties allow young girls to do grown-up things. Nail painting parties are a cool theme for a teenager’s birthday party. What could be a better way to feel grown-up!   A nail party can be done inexpensively for those on a budget or be really glitzy and glamorous for those who want to show off a little. These types of parties for teenage girls have gotten increasingly popular.  The manicures and pedicures are given to each other as the main event of the party.

Mom, be sure to involve the birthday girl in creating the “at-home” nail salon for her invited friends to enjoy.  They will love all the basic nail-care supplies, in addition to the many bottles of different colored nail polishes. But,we all know that nail polish needs “a little something” to add spice to that mani or pedi!  So, why not do this by adding nail art stickers.   They are easy to apply with no mess. The nail art designs are endless when you provide a variety of nail art stickers that will appeal to everyone. After their time at the “salon” they can watch movies and move on to the rest of the fun birthday events.

Things You’ll Need

  • A variety of nail polish colors – purple, blue, green, yellow and orange, in addition to the classic pinks and reds
  • Top coat – clear topcoat polishes, as well as glitter topcoat polishes
  • Nail polish remover – non acetone
  • Manicure kits
  • Pedicure soaking basins (if you will be doing pedicures)
  • Nail stickers - Joby Nail Art

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