Nail Art through the Decades

Nails of the '50's


Nowadays trends are constantly changing, but if we look back to the past 60 years beauty and fashion were usually in style for about a decade at a time.

Some styles have made a re-occurrence with usually a twist, while most just fade away.

The Classic 50′s – Ladies began to rock the red. Nails were natural and oval shaped. You matched red lipstick with your nails.

The Free Spirited 60′s – Nail polish really depended on a person’s taste. Many women choose to have a natural, chemical-free nail, but soft, subtle shades and frosted polishes could be found too.

The Two-sided 70′s – You were either into punk or glam.  Punk wore black polish and glam were long and natural. The square shape grew in popularity during this time. The French manicure was launched during this decade.

The Dramatic 80′s – Everything was big in the 80′s including nail trends. The square shape continued to be very popular.  Press-on nails also became huge.

The French phase of the 90′s – Classy white tips and natural nail bed was the biggest craze. Nail art included rhinestones and airbrushing.

Let’s move into the 21st Century: women became more aware of health and safety issues. Products were changing to be safer and easier to use. The first generation of gel-polish was created.

Today’s trend:  Seems like it’s anything goes…

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