Getting the best DIY Manicure

To get the perfect manicure:

  1. Hydrate with cuticle oil.
  2. Clean then prep with base coat.
  3. Apply 2 coats of polish color.
  4. Apply your favorite Joby Nail Art stickers.
  5. Seal with a good top coat.

Nothing is more upsetting than discovering a chip in your “just-done” manicure. Using a good top coat will create a a chip-resistant finish. To keep your manicure looking fresh and extend the life of your manicure apply top coat every other day.

When choosing your nail art always choose something that speaks to you – a design that makes you feel confident and beautiful. When you feel great, everyone will see that you wear it well.

If you are on a tight schedule just remember to always choose a nourishing treatment, base coat and top coat to get the perfect looking manicure. Nail care is not a ” one type of nail care fits all”. Your individual needs will determine what steps you need for your manicure.
Use this time to relax and pamper yourself!

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