Which mascara wands do what… so you can get those fabulous lashes!


Are you always struggling to get the perfect lash? But with all the wand shapes to choose from, picking out the perfect mascara wand can get quite confusing. So exactly how does one go about figuring out which wand shape hourglass, spherical and wavy shape is the right mascara wand for your lash? Here is the breakdown for you.

What is your method of applying mascara? Are you the one that does three quick swipes and calls it good enough, or are you the one that applies mascara like you can’t have enough mascara?

Did you think all of those fancy wand shapes and sizes were just clever marketing of the product? Well guess again!

Volume & Thickness:  A fat and fluffy brush will yield voluminous, fat and fluffy lashes. Pick either a twisted wire brush or plastic bristle brush that is big and fat.

Length & Definition:  You can get length and definition with smaller brushes — just look for ones that are plastic or rubber with closely spaced bristles. Ball shaped brushes also allow you to get extreme definition.

Curl & Lift:  For curl, curved or hourglass gives you the lift and curl of a curved brush while also getting to every last lash.

All of the above:  We want it all. So invest in a mascara that one side of the mascara gives you a volume formula and brush, while the other side adds intensity and depth of color by using a different style wand.

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