Nail Polish and your Skin Tone

We all know that certain shades of nail polish can make your skin appear either dull or  complement your skin tone— selecting the right shade is as much a science as it is an art. Here are some helpful tips before making your next color selection.

FAIR SKIN: Light and light-medium shades of pink and red will look good, but the shades that work best for fair skin have a blue undertone.  Avoid golds, yellows, and greens. Try our Signature collection with these colors.


MEDIUM SKIN: Medium-skinned women can teeter between both warm and cool colors, but a paler shade really complements this skin type. Avoid black and orange. Try our Black Jewelry collection with these colors.


DARK SKIN: Deep grape and berry tones give depth to cool dark skin. Cool gray, navy blue, bright pink, and jewel tones are also gems. Yellows and greens should be avoided, along with beige, orange, gold, and brown because they tend to make skin appear dull or washed out. Try our White Jewelry collection with these colors.


No matter what your skin tone, the color of your nail polish will always go with Joby Nail Art. Make a fun statement with the many designs of nail art stickers from a brand that you can trust.

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