Eye Bling Is Now A Thing ?

Since the beginning of time, we as women have loved makeup and jewelry! But why would we start sticking jewelry in our eyes. It makes my eyes water just to think about it. Well, apparently that’s exactly what some women are doing to dress up their eyeballs.

It’s called Safesight Jewelry, and it’s done at a laser vision center in Manhattan and been deemed “pretty safe.”  The word “pretty” doesn’t do much for my confidence in the procedure. The doctor makes a small incision in the white part of the eye and places a gold charm into the eye and it  just sits there.

One woman did decide to go with the trend and got a tiny gold heart implanted into her right eye. Being so small, I am not surprised that 50% of her friends couldn’t figure out what it was. But, on the other hand the other 50% of her friends thought it was super cool.

So, if your interested in a little eye-bling, it’s going to set you back some.  The charm surgery costs $3,000 a pop.

So what do you think?  We want to see your comments.Eye_Jewelry

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