Nail Care between your professional salon visits….



Here are a few tips to ensure that your nails remain picture perfect in-between those professional manicures:


  • Regular use of a special moisturiser to ensure that your cuticles don’t crack and peel.
  • Please try to wear gloves when doing your housework and gardening.
  • Apply hand cream frequently throughout the day, especially after washing your hands and make sure that in the Winter months you use one designed for bad weather.
  • When choosing a hand cream try to find one that has a built-in sunscreen.
  • Ensure that all your nail equipment is thoroughly clean.
  • If you have a cut or tear in your cuticle I recommend the use of Lavender Essential Oil, to disinfect the area, prevent any bacteria from growing and it will promote a faster recovery (smells nice too).
  • Don’t soak nails for long periods, and never use any kind of soap or detergent when soaking (do not believe adverts from soap manufacturers who recommend this).
  • Try to limit the amount of nail polish remover that you use – less is more.
  • Don’t pull or bite hangnails (however annoying or tempting), these should be carefully cut away without damaging the cuticle.
  • Be gentle with your cuticles and don’t push them too far – I personally leave my cuticle care to a nail professional, I’ve tried to trim my own cuticles in the past and ended up in pain.
  • Treat ingrown nails and infections as soon as possible as they can cause lasting damage to the nail – ask at your pharmacy for advice on a suitable antibacterial ointment.
  • If you notice some nail or cuticle inflammation go to a specialist as soon as possible, if you can’t get to one the same day then disinfect the skin until you can get an appointment.


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