Be Kind to your Hair !




If you want to rock gorgeous locks, you need to know what type of hair you have.  Do you have fine, frizzy or poufy hair?  Leave in conditioners make sense for people with very dry hair, just like lotion works for very dry skin. But on the other hand if you have fine hair or a loose wave pattern, maybe a leave-in conditioner isn’t right for you? If your hair frizzes, leave-ins can dramatically reduce frizz. They can also soften the “crunch” of a hard-hold gel as well as help tame poufy or frizzy hair into ringlets, spirals and waves. So it is very important to moisturize it just as you do your skin. And while using shampoo and conditioner may be as automatic as brushing your teeth, if your hair is still tangles after your shower, is frizzy or a little dry overall you might want to try a leave-in conditioner.  Unlike conditioners that you use in the shower, leave in conditioners are applied afterward and remain on your hair until your next washing.

The important thing is to find the right leave-in conditioner for your hair type. If your hair is very curly or dry, try leave-in conditioners that have oils and emollients. If your hair is fine or easily weighed down, look for leave-in conditioners that aim to moisturize.  However, not everybody needs a leave-in conditioner so your simple rinse out conditioner may be all you need to keep your hair looking beautiful.


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