Bring your skin back from dull!



Have you ever looked in the mirror and wished that your skin had a little more pep and radiance. Well, there are many ways to get better looking skin.

Cleansing is the first step. Make sure you use a face wash at least twice a day to keep your skin free of excess oil and dirt. While cleansing, use gentle movements as this relaxes your skin and refrain from rubbing too hard. Gently dab the skin with a soft towel to dry it.
Do not use cosmetic facial scrubs, since they contain more chemicals which can damage your skin.
Moisturizer is the key to healthy looking skin. Use a moisturizer after you wash your face to keep your skin soft and smooth.
But if a regular routine isn’t for you then soak a facecloth in cold water and rub it all over the face for a few seconds; you can also do this with an ice cube. This stimulates blood circulation adding instant, though temporary, radiance. The exfoliating benefit of the cloth will also help clear your pores, so they look smaller. If that’s a little too rough for you then you might want to try rubbing an orange slice over the face for a similarly invigorating effect.

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