LACE Nail Art for Fall 2013


Could you possibly go wrong with classy lace nail art?  Laced-tipped nails are just the right balance for the 30+ crowd. Lace will add texture to that fresh manicure and still say cute, sexy, and polished.  Lace nail art allows your real nail color to peek through your design.

Lace nail art can be worn several ways.  If you’re talented with a brush you can hand paint the lace design on your fingernails; or you could even glue a piece of real lace onto your fingernail; however Joby Nail Art has several designs that are lace or lace accents.  You can create your classy lace nail art in minutes. Joby Nail Art’s fishnet and flower pattern are a great combination for a subdued look. Fall 2013 will surely see lace nail art as a hot trend to be on the look out for.

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