Summer Into Fall

It’s that time again! Your beauty routine  has to transition for the coming season. With some hesitation you tuck away your bright lipsticks and nail polishes along with your light weight moisture creams. As Fall approaches you begin to crave those products that are darker and richer in color.


Your summer lipsticks will now need to be replaced by darker and richer colors.  Now’s the time to swap out your summer fuchsia and coral lipsticks for this fall’s trend of burgundies and plums or maybe your more the translucent stain type.


We have to say goodbye to summer’s crisp whites and ballet pinks.  This season nail polishes are on the darker side. Colors such as Navy Blue, Dark Grey, or Moss Green will be all the trend.  All the hottest colors can be spotlighted with the addition of Joby Nail Art as accents or the focal design of your nail art designs.


Just as your face requires deeper hydration for the change in seasons, so does your body. Switch your lightweight lotions for one with a thicker and more potent texture instead. Lollia hydrates your skin in a wave of moisture that leaves it feeling silky to the touch as it  quenches dehydrated skin and restores its suppleness.

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  1. Our fingernails should be smooth and even without buffing. Ridges in them of any kind warn toxic issues in the corresponding organ.

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