Need Acetone Based Nail Polish Remover? Get Your I.D. Ready



Nail polish remover is a pretty important part of any nail polish addict’s life. You constantly want to change your favorite colors after a few days or you just don’t like the way it looks. Maybe, you like the marbling effect and need to wipe off all that extra polish.
Whatever the reason, you just might want to bring your I.D. the next time you hit up your local CVS for an emergency fix — the chain will no longer sell nail polish remover to those under age 18. It’s all meth’s fault, as explained in this statement:

“Because acetone is an ingredient used in the illegal manufacture of methamphetamine, we recently implemented a policy that a valid ID must be presented to purchase acetone-containing products such as nail polish remover. Our policy also limits the sale of these products in conjunction with other methamphetamine precursors and is based on various regulations requiring retailers to record sales of acetone.”

They have also restricted the purchase to no more than two bottles of acetone based nail polish remover a day. Which shouldn’t be a big deal for most people.

However if your having a huge nail art party at your house, you might need to invest in breathing equipment and plastic drop cloths in which case this would be equally suspicious.

Have you been asked for your I.D yet?

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