Go Ahead – Just do it!!


Go ahead and be proud about mastering great at-home color with these pro tips that they never put on the back of the box.

Try Before Your Dye

You really can’t tell if a hair color will flatter you just by staring at that wall of home kits at your local market. So go sample some wigs at a beauty supply store.  Finding the right shade will bring out the color of your eyes and bring warmth to your skin. Once you have found a wig in the color that you truly like then go look for a match at your local market or drugstore.

Soothe Your Scalp

If you have a sensitive scalp then you might want to try this old trade secret: add two packets of Sweet’ N Low and an ounce of skim milk to your color formula before applying. We don’t know why, but it works.
If you’re blonde (or blonde-ish) then try the halo effect.  By going lighter on top you will create a sun-kissed look. You can spot-lighten with products such as Blonde Go Blonder controlled Lightening Sprays, which is activated when exposed to the heat of your blow-dryer.
If you’re not: Great news!  Go with a rich monochromatic shade. To keep it from looking flat, choose a warm (think auburn, not ash) tone.

Use a Foam Dye

Foam dyes make for easy cleanup: no drips! Better yet, these products puff up like mousse, so they’re simple to spread on without missing a spot.

Stretch Your Color

You typically need to re-dye every four to six weeks, but this preservation plan can buy you an extra week or two.One day before: Pump moisture into hair with a hydrating mask. When your hair is hydrated, the color takes more evenly, which means it’ll look vibrant longer.

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