Two Tone Fingertips

Two-Tone Tips


Nails_painted_underneathHave you ever been mezmerized by a two-toned pinwheel, or a black and white Oreo cookie or even the under side of the Louboutin shoe. It really attracts your attention.  Well, why not try this on your fingernails and see the reaction you get from your friends and family. The dual-toned manicure is best done on nails that have grown out a bit.  You will the extra length in in order to use the brush to apply the color and to see the color on the underneath side of the nail. It’s okay if it is a little messy just remember it is all easily cleaned up and you will have that special manicure that make you the center of attention.
So let’s get started:
Begin by cleaning the underneath side of your nails.
Paint the underneath side of your nail white as this will make the color that you have selected to stand out.
Now repeat but this time use the color that you have selected
Use a toothpick dipped in nail polish remover to clean up the underneath side of the nail.
Now paint the top side of your nails a different color of your choosing.
Pick your favorite colors.  There is no color combination that doesn’t work as long as you like it. So go experiment.

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