What Nail Polish Color Can Tell About Your Character

We all love to change our Nail Polish frequently, but is there that one shade you constantly keep coming back to? Well Physiologists say that our favorite nail polish color can tell a lot about our character. Read on!

Red nail polish.

What red nails can say about a girl wearing them? Red is the colour of love, emotion, passion and temptation. This colour can’t go unnoticed and a girl who prefers this tone, knows it very well. She loves to stand out of the crowd, she is coquette, romantic and bright, she loves attention and flirt. Love is the main priority of her life.

Burgundy nail polish.
This colour is very similar to the colour of red wine, it talks about sophisticated elegance and modern chic. A girl who prefers this colour has a touch of enigma and her character is very versatile, like the taste of rich red wine, she is able to be constantly interesting and her true personality can be explored and investigated only with the time.

Black nail polish. 
Here, I’m not going to mention gothic attributes of vampire lovers.
Black colour has somewhat a classic element to it. A girl who choses black nail polish colour as her favourite, usually, has strong and determined personality, she knows what she wants, she sets goals and achieves them, she loves the power and is not afraid of obstacles. Black nail polish looks better on short nails with square or rounded shape.

Bright pink nail polish.
A girl who prefers bright pink is posh, confident, daring and sexy, she loves to draw attention and knows that pink nails won’t stay unnoticed. She has positive and optimistic character, is 100% confident in the way she looks and lives her life without any worry.

Gold nail polish.
A Girl who loves to wear golden nails is very communicative, loves to be the center of attention, she is kind and, probably, knows a lot about fashion. Sparkle is always fashionable and the girl who likes to wear sparkles on her nails can be a little eccentric and open to experiment.

White nail polish. 
White is the colour of purity and harmony. The girl who choses this colour is balanced, confident, she knows exactly what she wants, has inner peace and might be even a little conservative and stubborn (she has her own strong opinions). This girl might be still a little princess at heart, who desires to meet her prince charming on a white horse.

Tender pink (or pale pink) nail polish.
Pale pink nail polish always looks neat, but is not as “shouty” as bright pink, for example. Usually, ladies who chose this kind of colour have tender and loving nature or they strive to receive more love, warmth and tenderness into their life.

Neutral (nude or beige) nail polish.
Ladies who prefer this nail polish colour, usually, devout their lives to career or business and don’t like to draw too much attention to themselves, they follow tradition and have strong inner confidence.

Brown nail polish.
This is a choice of a lady who is modest, reliable and stabile.

Blue nail polish. 
Dark blue colour can be associated with deep waters of the blue ocean and light blue – with the pure blue sky. A Girl who choses these kind of colours can be close to nature, she feels young at heart, kind and loyal. To wear a blue colour on your nails requires somewhat a daring character, so the girl who can do this has her own strong opinions, her free spirit is ready to experiment. She desires to stand out of the crowd and emphasises her uniqueness to the whole world!

Green nail polish.
A girl who loves to wear green nails is very communicative and energetic. She can talk to strangers with ease and is always in a good mood.

Yellow nail polish.
Yellow is the warm colour of the sun. Usually, girls who like yellow nails can enjoy even small pleasures of life, they have “bright and shiny” character and desire to share their positive energy with others.

Coral nail polish.
This joyful tone is a preference of vacation loving girl who enjoy sport and the sun. She is, usually, fun loving, balanced and positive.

Violet nail polish.
Ladies with violet nails love luxury and bohemian lifestyle. They can seem a little superficial, but at heart, they are romantic and have noble character.

Tell us what your color you use to typically paint your nails!

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