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JOBY Nail Art Stickers Review





 I recently was given the opportunity to try out some JOBY Nail Art Stickers. I have tried stickers before  and while they are great to add a little something extra to your manicure in a hurry they usually don’t work the way you would want. The ones that I’ve tried usually start to peel after a little while, I’ve even had some that  just don’t stick at all after taking them off the backing. So I was really glad to to try these out and see how they held up.

I decided to recycle the mani I was already wearing, Tessie from the new Rainbow Honey collection, by adding an accent of Essie Beyond Cozy. Then I just decided to go crazy with the stickers! LOL I topped it all of with a coat of Out the Door Northern Lights Fast Drying Top Coat.


I really like these stickers. They pull off the paper easily with a pair of tweezers. They also stick well, really well. So make sure where you place the sticker is where you really want it! I love how smooth they are against the nail. Once they are covered with top coat there is no way these bad boys are coming off or peeling!



Here’s another mani I decided to add some roses to  just to give it a little accent!
This is Shades of Phoenix Apollo, I think the red roses looked excellent with the little pop of red in the glitters. Subtle but effective to bring a little bit of fun to a mani with minimal effort.



JOBY Nail Art Stickers can be purchased on their website
The stickers come in tons of designs, flowers, animals, even holiday designs and 3-D.
They are priced at $2.99, $4.99 for the Gemstone Collection designs and shipping is free on all domestic orders.


You can follow JOBY Nail Art on these social media sites:
Twitter @JOBYNailArt
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