Are You a Nail Biter?




Recently nail biting was identified as a form of OCD and now understand why it a very hard habit to break. As a life time nail biter myself (but for now I have it under control) . It’s strange that this act is comforting, automatic, stress-relieving, and seemingly impossible to quit. But now that nail art is so popular and so many products are available to help you keep your habit under control it’s time to QUIT for real.

I have tried all the popular products that discourages biting by leaving a bad taste in your mouth, sitting on your hands, chewing gum instead of chewing your nails. I have been there and done that and until recently I was still biting my nails? I had to figure out what was the trigger to make me start the process of biting my nails.  Did you notice you had a hangnail or was it an uneven ridge that you just have to file down with your teeth until you couldn’t feel it anymore? Does it happen when you’re anxious or stressed? You have to figure out what makes you start biting, and deal with that first. For me it was the skin where the nail and the skin were in contact with each other and I would start to pick at it and then you know what happens next :-(

Every bad habit has to be replaced by with a good one. I carry a travel-sized manicure kit with me wherever I  go. I keep one in my car, in my lunch bag, and of course at  my desk so when the urge to begin picking hits, I can take care of it right away. If you see a snag on your nail, file it down with your emery board. There’s no shame in excusing yourself to the ladies room to file your nail to prevent yourself from biting until you bleed. When your cuticles start looking dry and makes you want to pick at them grab that hand lotion quick! I use Lollia hand creme that contains shea butter, avocado and macadamia nut oils to comfort moisture my hands and finger tips.

Your nails are probably in bad shape from years of abuse — ridged, peeling, weak — so you spending time on your nails to control your nail biting is an investment in helping you have beautiful nails.  Invest time in your nails in weekly polish changes, whether its a clear or nude to a glitter and textured polish they will mask triggering imperfections on your nails. Joby Nail Art has many different nail art designs that you can use along with your polish choice and motivate you not to chew your on your investment.

You have to be patient because we all know quitting cold turkey is difficult. You know you will find yourself in situations where you’re picking or biting without even realizing it. You can’t use this as an excuse to bite your nails until they bleed. Keep at it, invest the time and if you fail, keep trying. You can to do it!!  It takes time, effort, and a lot of nail polish changes to quit for good.

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