Wedding Season is right around the Corner!

Every great and memorable wedding has its success rooted in the smallest of details and the most important being the bride’s ensemble.

The bride has accessories that can begin at her head and end at her feet but only one accent can complement that special piece of jewelry that will be placed on her finger: it’s her special manicure (and there will be photos to prove it.)

The bride today has nail art choices that are very diverse and span far beyond a few colors and the typical French manicure tip style.  Her nails can be polished in any color and embellished a very wide range of nail art.

Nail art decals such as Joby Nail Art are available in a variety of designs and accents such as gems, pearls, 3-D, bows. Other nail jewelry items also gives a bride many ways to express her personal style for this special day.

To give the wedding ring the showcase it deserves the polish color choice is typically soft and are often selected from the color of the bride-maids’ dresses, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be creative and have striking designs on any budget.

The Internet is have many nail art blogs packed with pictures, videos and tips and tricks for anyone looking nail art designs that would be compliment the bride and the ring.

Joby Nail Art have been around since 2003, we have over 200 different designs letting you be able to create modern and intricate designs. The designs are easy to lift off a paper backing can be positioned on the nail without much difficulty. Once in place a clear top coat keeps them locked in place.

Taking time to practice nay new technique, create new designs, try out new polishes to see how well they wear takes effort and planning, but can be part of the fun of wedding planning. Get the bridesmaids involved ahead of time and try out new styles and techniques together while everyone hashes out wedding plans. Make it part of the whole wedding planning experience and bonding between participants. Creative nail art can not only personalize a bridal ensemble, but can be a fun way for the wedding party members to have fun together during the planning stages.

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