Toenail Art Is The New Nail Art

Various nail art on toes

It’s no secret that nail art is at the all-time high in popularity right now–females of all ages are looking for jeweled, and personalized fingernails. With every new color of nail polish there comes a new nail art theme to go along with it.  Even movies advertise nail polish colors and nail art themes to go with the movie. There is no end to all the avenues available for the DIY’er to feed their addiction to nail art.  So we gotta ask….is toe nail art the new frontier?


Have you moved onto the toe nail art wagon?  Do you match your fingers and your toes? We all know that nail art on your pedicure is not a new topic.  This has been done for many years and it was usually a flower design with an accent of a rhinestone or two. Now women want more personalized designs and creating these designs is becoming more mainstream.

Unlike your fingernails, you can choose to do just one accent nail or do them all.  However, it is recommended that you use one or two toes as accents and keep it simple.  This way you don’t take away from those gorgeous sandals that you will be wearing.



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