Girls and their Nails

French Manicure with Joby Nail Art stickers


Girls will always be girls. For us girls, pajama parties are synonymous with painting nails. Add a couple of rhinestones and some Joby Nail Art decals to your natural nail or acrylics and shimmer your nails up this spring!

Freedom to express oneself. If you have a funky personal style and love do-it-yourself fashion, then you’ll love dressing up your nails. You can go classy with demure nail art stickers such as 3-D designs or crazy with our exclusive  Joby nail art stickers. Nails can reveal your lifestyle and your personality at just a handshake. With a good pedicure and nail art done, don’t you somehow feel better in those new pair of sandals?

It is not as expensive as you think. Nail art doesn’t necessarily mean burning a hole in your pockets. Basic nail art requires only a little creativity and a sense of color. Buying your own nail art stickers and rhinestones will cost much lesser than getting your nails done at a nail salon and you get more than one use from them. You can use your regular nail polish in different colors, your favorite Joby nail art stickers and a top coat for your design.

Most Popular Design – French manicures are simple and can be decorated with the simplest form of nail art. This traditional manicure gives the appearance of  natural, healthier looking nails.

source: A1Nailart

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