Nail Art … it the new lipstick??

pink nail polish with gold bows

From main street to the fashion run way, nail art has emerged as a form of self-expression that anyone can do. The recession has caused people to be forced to save money.  Nail art decals are relatively inexpensive and its also a way to feel in style and personalize your manicure.

Nail art worn by celebrities and D I Y tutorials guides in fashion blogs and magazines are causing the nail enthusiasts to embrace all types of styles such as  floral patterns, glitter, 3-D and accented with lace, and gems. Even the shapes of nails is changing. What use to be traditional round and square is now moving to diagonal and borderline-threatening almonds and pointy stilettos.

You can enjoy nail art stickers  on your own natural nails so you don’t need to spend the money for fake nails or tips to enjoy the trend. “Nail art has been around for as long as any of us can remember, but in the U.S., it started picking up and really becoming a noteworthy trend in the last five or so years,” said Sree Roy, managing editor of Nails Magazine “It started in fashion, rock and hip hop stars, consumer editorial, then in the last few years or so, we’ve really seen more people (like working women, who prior would only embrace a nude pink) start embracing bolder nail colors and nail art styles.”

Nail art has become so popular and is accessible to everyone.  The cosmetics industry has responded to the demand causing the nail category to surpass lipstick. Sales of tools like glitter gels, pens, nail decals and magnetic nail polish let the nail enthusiast create impressive designs. We all know that great looking nails looks GREAT on all body types.

The renewed interest is also a great benefit for salons and the professional nail tech industry in general. Nails are finally having their time in the spotlight. Nails have become the major trendsetting accessory for the average woman. Joby Nail Art wants your nail art to be the finishing touch to your entire look that ends at your fingertips!

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