Trends for Spring/Summer 2013

Your nails have a visible impact on your stylish look. Having beautiful well manicured hands and nails are your first steps to creating a trendy image. Nail trends this season are going across the board so you shouldn’t have a problem finding something that you especially like. Spring and Summer nail trends for 2013 will bring a variety of options to choose from. You can choose from looking natural with various nail polish colors to going all the way to bright ones.  If your palette goes more for patterned nails that’s also in style this season.Let’s look at the some of the manicure trends of the 2013 season and get ready for the coming spring and summer months.
Spring/ Summer 2013 Nail Trend #1: Going Natural:

nude nail with flower nail art decal

The spring/summer season places a strong accent on going natural and simple. This effortless look is proven to be timeless. If you love to take care of your hands and nails, but don’t like to go for any colors at all, this style will definitely interest you. Having short oval or almond shaped nails painted in nude and milk shades, with visible pale peach and pink hues, will surely make you look like a real trendsetter this season.
Spring/ Summer 2013 Nail Trend #2: Colorful Manicure and Metallics:

dark pink nail with heart decals and rhinestones

When it comes to colored nail polishes, it can definitely be said that the spring/ summer 2013 nail polish trends are into the traditional hues. Again this season you can experiment with the colors of red, black, all shades of pink, dark blue, all shades of  green, deep lilac, gray with a bluish tint and always white. Pastel colors are not as popular this season but the metallics are still the rage. You can go for gold, silver and pearl shades with confidence.
Spring/ Summer 2013 Nail Trend #3: Embellished Nails:

french tip with jewel embellishment

Embellishments are in for the spring and summer 2013 trends too.You can choose the color you like, be it nude or colorful, and as a final touch, embellish one or two nails with sequins or jewels.
Spring/ Summer 2013 Nail Trend #4: French Manicure 

white nail with blue tip / yellow flowers

French manicure is a timeless classic, which almost everyone adores. You can create a lovely French manicure with the traditional white color or experiment with other hues to stand out.  Just choose your favorite color and apply it on the tips of your nails in a slightly slanted manner.
Spring/ Summer 2013 Nail Trend #5: Nail Art:

red and yellow dried flower decals                  dark blue nail with gold skulls                         white nail with lace trim and red rhinestone

For those nail enthusiasts, who love to play with different designs and patterns there is the trend of nail art.
Joby Nail Art develops designs that bring effects to that favorite nail polish you love to wear.  Nail art decals are quick and simple to use so you should have no problem creating the design that will keep you trendy this season.

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