Let’s hear it for the Mommies !!!

Moms, Plus 18-24 Year-Olds, Grow the Nail Market, Mintel Finds (source: Nails Magazine, Sree)

Women in households with children are more likely to use more nail care products than those without children in their homes, reports market intelligence firm Mintel. According to a Mintel report, this is particularly notable with nail art accessoriesmommy pushing stroller where nearly a quarter (24%) of women with children report usage compared to 11% in households without children. Furthermore, 79% of those with children use colored nail polish versus 65% without children and 22% of respondents with children report using artificial nails as opposed to only 9% without children.

Women between the ages of 18 to 24 are also helping to drive the nail care segment. Use of colored nail polish is highest among women in this age bracket, with 85% reporting usage compared to 71% of total female respondents, Mintel says. Younger women also show elevated use of nail art (33% vs. 16% of all respondents), nail enhancements (23% vs. 14% of all respondents), and gel-polish (14% vs. 10% of all respondents).

Mintel attributes much of this growth to at-home nail care options. The study found that expense plays a large role in why women do their nails at home, but it is not the only issue. Just over half (54%) of women say they would get their nails done more often at a salon, but it’s too expensive; however, some 27% are concerned about health and safety issues at salons and 18% think getting their nails done in a salon simply takes too much time.

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