Celebrity Nail Art











Photo courtesy of Perez Hilton

It’s official. One of the hottest new accessories for the celebs this year is some super awesome nail art. From matching their nails at red-carpet events, to paying homage to Bob Marley’s birthday, and trying some DIY designs themselves, we can’t get enough of the colorful nail art floating around!

The world’s gone completely nail art- obsessed and so have our celebrities! But we’re not complaining. Starting with Zooey Deschanel turning up to the Golden Globes with some film-reel inspired nails, to Anne Hathaway’s delicate butterfly paint for the SAGA Awards, and ending with Beyonce’ showing some love to her man!

Keeping things simple to outlandish, its all your choice. Joby Nail Art has hundreds of designs to choose from to create your favorite designs.

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