That Pesky stuck Nail Polish

  We’ve all been there. That favorite bottle of polish, the one that was given to you by someone special, is stuck and won’t open for anything. This trick isn’t new. It isn’t rocket science. But before I read about it on a nail board a few years ago I knew nothing about it, so I am sharing it with you today in case you haven’t either!
1. Fill a short glass with warm water from your sink.
2. Invert your bottle of polish and drop it in the glass of warm water.
3. If the polish has a label on the bottom make sure the glass is not so full that the bottle is fully submerged. This should preserve your label!
4. Wait 5 minutes.
5. Remove the bottle of polish from the glass of warm water.
6. Voila! You can now open your bottle of nail polish easily!
7. To prevent this from happening again, clean off the bottle with nail polish remover. If you have recently done your nails and don’t want to use cotton pads or felt, you can put a few drops of thinner on the bottle instead.

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